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Washboard Bill Wonder Emporium is dedicated to making quality, design conscious, original items. Mostly hats. Each hat is handcrafted by Washboard Bill with care, creativity, and an interest in making sure you can wear, wash, play, and enjoy each hat, for years to come. Bill has been quoted as saying "My hats were made to last. You'll be leaving them to your grand-kids in your will, along with all your other precious and most beloved items." There are no patterns for any of Bills hats. They are all made from scratch. Original designs. This means you won't find another hat like Washboard Bills anywhere. Which means you are really buying, owning and wearing a couture item-without the couture price. This alone makes you hip.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SAVE THE DATE! MAY 1ST New items to be stocked in the Etsy shop.

It's been a while since Washboard Bill has been to his blog, I bet you thought Bill forgot about you. I didn't. Crochet takes up a lot of Bill's time and sometimes Bill thinks he needs an assistant to help with all of the work that needs to get done. Yarn to be organized, hooks to be found; quite often Bill will misplace a crochet hook, won't be able to find it and then go out and buy more, only to find that he placed it down on his dryer, or kitchen table. Bill needs one of those stretchy, elastic clips! Or a crochet magnet! ha

The crochet projects have been moving along quite nicely at the Emporium. Bill spent this past weekend taking photos of some of his new work, with the help of some lovely & wonderful models. Here's a sneak peak for all of you, who have been patiently waiting for Bill to stock his shop with new items.

So, on May 1st, Bill will be uploading many new items to his Etys shop. SAVE THE DATE! That's tomorrow. YAY! Presently, Bill is fundraising to help his friend Luke, who has kidney cancer. Luke is struggling to pay for his medication (which is reducing his tumours) & keep the lights on at Luke home. Bill's talented friends got together and donated handmade goods in the hopes that it would be enough to help him along. And Bill would like to report that the money raised so far has helped Luke pay for some bills and get some necessary medication. It's changed Luke's life. Thank you to all who have participated in the fund raising. 

Now, onto the new photos. Enjoy! :) 

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